Welcome at Listbrain.TK,

January 25th 2010

listbrain.tk just got added to WeChall. So you can keep tracks of your statistics.
There's also a new page called "Story Mode" with 2 challenges atm. they also count for wechall, and are going to be in linear solve streak.
Also added some more challenges, we now have a total of 41 challenges So have fun with them.


January 11th 2010

I've uploaded some challenges again:
1. Netcat Shoveling
2. Crypto 5
3. KKP
4. XSS 1

Have fun, Cobruto
January 10th 2010

Hello all,
Uploaded the crypto challenge "Trading".
And as a celebration of the 20th challenge, now also crackits! "First Crackit" is uploaded.
uploaded the first fixing challenge: "SQL-Query"

Good Luck, Cobruto
January 9th 2010

Uploaded three challenges: "Unlimited Algebra", "Crypto 3" and "10101".

Good Luck, Cobruto
January 6th 2010

I have now uploaded a forum, so if you have any questions about the challenges or something else, you can ask them there.
Im sorry, but at the moment you also have to register at the forum itself. Here is the link: http://listbrain.freeforums.org/

Cya, Cobruto
January 5th 2010

There is a total of 15 challenges at the moment with more to come.
Also developed a PM system. The basics are functioning, but it still needs some more tuning. You can also send a PM to yourself as a kind of notepad.
If you got any suggestions for this site. Send me a PM.

Have a great year, Cobruto
December 25th 2009

Just wanted to wish you all a mery christmas. have a good time.

Greetz, Cobruto